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     Newburg was founded in 1883 by St. Louis – San Francisco Railway as a division point for the railroad, where engines would stop for repairs and to change crews. It is currently used heavily by the Burlington Northern Railroad as a maintenance stop with a large supply of railroad materials along the double tracks.

     Iron working was attempted twice in Newburg. Easy access to the railroad made heavy industry a viable business. Construction of the Ozark Iron Works began after 1867, but the business went bankrupt in 1877. The Knotwell Iron Company attempted to use the facilities in 1880, but quit shortly afterwards due to a severe drop in iron prices.

     After World War II, the railway switched from coal to diesel engines, which could run much longer distances without refuelling. The Newburg stop was closed, removing the roundhouse, turntable, and freight yards. A single "Frisco" caboose remains near the old freight yards


     The land on which the Little Piney Community Park now resides was purchased from Burlington Railroad in 2006 by the city of Newburg with the assistance of the non-profit community organization, Newburg Community Revitalization Program Group (NCRPG).

      The NCRPG retained the responsibility for the development and maintenance of the park.

     The 28 acre park is situated between the railroad tracks and the Little Piney River.

Since then the tenacious NCRPG's Park Committee has been hosting several Mud Runs each summer to raise funds for the continued development of the park.

The NCRPG's Community Garden Committee is currently preparing for the Newburg Community Garden's first year in the Little Piney Community Park. Spring of 2010 we will start planting. Volunteers are needed to fill several positions (soil preparers, planters, tenders and harvesters). If you can serve on this committee please contact Candra Gilbert at 573-578-5162.

     There are currently plans to put in a half mile running track with a soccer field in the center. The Newburg High School does not have a track or a soccer field at this time and the students will benefit greatly from this addition to the park. Finding the right grant or donors is the challenge of the moment. Donations in money or in-kind are gratefully accepted.

Further plans include a handicap accessible fishing ramp, primitive camp sites, walking trails, wild flower walks and a state of the art Skateboard Park.